Organic Protein Power Smoothies

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A great way to quench your thirst and stay hydrated is with a healthy and nutritious smoothie. Great for all occasions, all year round.

For hot summer days, just add ice to stay cool, refreshed and hydrated.



What you need (for one serving):

250 ml Organic Coconut Water or Organic Coconut Milk
1 Organic Banana
1 Teaspoon ABC Butter (Almond, Brazil Nut, Cashew)
1 Teaspoon Organic Maca Powder
1 Tablespoon Organic Cacao Powder (NOT Cocoa Powder)
1 Tablespoon Organic Hemp Protein Powder (or Whey Protein)
Sprinkle Organic Brown Flaxseed Meal



Add – ice cubes for a cold and refreshing smoothie!

Sprinkle – Organic Cinnamon to create a holiday aroma!



Combine all ingredients in a blender and whizz until thoroughly mixed and crushed. Pour the contents in your favourite glass and enjoy!

*The smoothie in the photo was made with organic coconut water. Yum!


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