Training & Workshops

Practice Positive Psychology (PPP)

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.

Learn to identify the habits and rituals around transition points that you already engage in and enhance them by practicing Positive Psychology. By assimilating 'positive boosters', your overall satisfaction with life will significantly increase. You will feel energized and optimistic, which will have a positive impact on your day and the people around you. PPP will also allow you to recuperate and refresh as you go through your week, rather than relying on weekends and holidays to recover. Practice will become part of the way you operate.

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Workplace Wellbeing & Resilience

Workplace Wellbeing is the new workplace safety, and a holistic outlook to managing wellness will not only improve engagement, it will drive productivity and create a winning environment.

Today's ever-changing work environment puts a lot of strain on individuals. Whether it is coping with long commutes, managing stress in the workplace, or disrupted sleep from constantly being 'switched on', work has an impact on both the physical and psychological wellbeing of every individual. While the existence of workplace stress is acknowledged, current efforts often place the burden of responsibility with the individual; overlooking the actual cause.

In this engaging workshop, you will learn how to:
  • improve the quality of decision making
  • build and sustain positive relationships at work
  • enhance clarity of thought and ability to learn
  • facilitate effective management of change
  • boost leadership presence
  • improve health and wellbeing
  • increase joy and quality of life
  • spark meaning, significance and purpose
  • improve intrinsic motivation and agility
  • heighten self-fulfillment

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PEBL (Proactive Energy Boost Leader) Training

PEBL is a psychological tool developed to help improve wellbeing, resilience, and maximize your energy, by adopting a proactive approach.

Both positive and negative situations and events directly impact our energy levels. Situations and events that contribute to our work in a positive way, boost our energy, while situations that affect our work in a negative way, drain us of energy. Having a proactive approach, you improve your wellbeing and resilience by identifying where your focus and attention lie, and drive the events that drain your energy to become positive. By maximizing your energy, you will be more focused, productive and getting things done faster.

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Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Today's ever-changing environment puts a lot of strain on all of us. Whether it is coping with disrupted sleep from constantly being 'switched on' or busy, managing stress, or taking care of your family, these all have an impact on both the physical and psychological wellbeing of every individual.

Often we tend to be reactive rather than preventive, talking about being overwhelmed and burned out. We only begin to take care of ourselves when we are confronted with a particular diagnosis or health issue. Discover how you can transform to a preventative approach and take care of your health and wellbeing. You will gain the ability to effectively manage life’s challenges and achieve a sense of control of your life.

In this engaging workshop, you will learn how to:
  • improve health and wellbeing
  • enhance clarity of thought
  • reduce stress and strengthen the ability to cope with stress
  • be preventive rather than reactive
  • cultivate gratitude and a positive mindset
  • increase joy and quality of life
  • spark meaning, significance and purpose
  • strengthen resilience
  • heighten self-fulfillment
  • boost efficacy

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Improve Engagement in the Workplace

An "engaged employee" is one who is fully absorbed and enthusiastic about their work and motivated to contribute to the organisation's success. Organizations comprising of people who are happy and motivated are more productive, have greater morale, and lower turnover. Leaders who want their organizations to prosper need to take steps towards understanding what makes people motivated and engaged, and implement that knowledge effectively.

As stated in the Gallup report, it is disheartening that only 33 percent of employees in 2016 and 2017 have been engaged in their work. It is evident the majority of people (67%) are not engaged and haven’t been for a long time.

The goal is to create value through people working together for a common cause. The workplace needs to be an environment where people enjoy their work and grow in the process. From the viewpoint of the organization, such a workplace is ideal as it attracts the most capable individuals, is likely to keep them longer, and unlock discretionary effort. From the viewpoint of people, it boosts a happier and fulfilling career, and it supports the development of personal complexity.

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