Organic Cacao Protein Balls (or Rum Balls)

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Organic Cacao Protein Balls (or Organic Rum Balls)

A Great Organic, Sugar-Free Dessert (for Easter or Christmas!)

Here is a great organic, sugar-free dessert we love at LivenUpp and always have some available. It is easy to make and does not take a lot of time at all. This dessert is super-nutritious and healthy and will not weigh you down and affect the clarity of your thinking like other desserts that contain sugar.


What you need (for up to 10 people):

3 Cups – Organic Cacao Powder (NOT Cocoa)

3 Tblspns – Organic Shredded Coconut

2 Tblspns – Organic Chia Seeds

2 Tblspns – Organic Hemp Protein Powder

1 Tblspn – Organic Raw Coconut Oil

7 – 10 – Organic (and, if you can – Activated) Pecans

15 – Organic Dates

200 – 250ml (6 – 8 oz) – Filtered Water


3 Tblspns – Organic Shredded Coconut (to roll your Cacao Balls in)

A splash of Rum (optional for Easter or Christmas)


Our favourite cacao powder is Power Super Foods Cacao Powder. It has a lovely texture and taste for desserts. You can purchase it, along with the other ingredients, at most organic stores. Be sure to check out Woolworths’ own Macro brand as they have an affordable Certified Organic range in-store. Their range grows daily. In USA, check Sprouts, Bristol Farms, or your nearest organic store.

Pit the dates.

Melt the coconut oil until it is in liquid form. The best way to melt the coconut oil is to place the coconut oil in a small bowl, then fill the sink with hot water until it is about 3cm (1″) deep (depending on how small your bowl is), and place the underside of the bowl containing the coconut oil in the hot water. Make sure you do not fill the sink too high with water so no water mixes with your coconut oil. Wait for a minute or two and the coconut oil should be runny and ready.

Place all ingredients in a bowl (without the “Optional” organic shredded coconut). Add the splash of Rum if you are making Rum Balls. Blend with a food processor until everything is chopped up and mixed together nicely. Make sure there are no big chunks of dates or pecans remaining in the bowl.

*If the consistency of the cacao mix is too dense, add some more water but only a little bit as you do not want it to be watery.

Next, remove all sharp blades from the bowl. Once they are removed, scoop small amounts from the blended mix and roll into balls. You can make them as big or as small as you like. After creating each cacao ball, roll them in the “Optional” shredded organic coconut.

Once you are done, keep the balls in the fridge. You can freeze them as well. Enjoy!

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